It might consist of dated facts and you can words that don’t reflect TOTA’s opinions and you will philosophy

It might consist of dated facts and you can words that don’t reflect TOTA’s opinions and you will philosophy

Note: This information has been excerpted regarding a larger operate in the new societal domain name and you may common here because of its historical worthy of.

Very early ong the new Turks. New patriarchal lifestyle render an alternative house into the young couple unnecessary. There can be a tendency, not, to increase this. Formerly to get on groom and you may ten to the bride is usual. Marriage is actually kept in large honor. All of the Turkish girl possess a spouse because. However, if the woman is pretty, the chances is higher along with her possibilities larger, nevertheless is said that “old maids” are unfamiliar.

A guy who would not ple from the marrying ten widows and you will one to housemaid. It’s associated from your he said to a person who had been single he is a sister of your own devil.

The fresh koolavooz is an important cause for matrimonial plans. It is their team to learn all about the fresh marriageable girls from inside the a particular system. In the event the a father or mother has good young buck whom she thinks must ong their particular family relations, however if as opposed to high enough influence she has recourse to your koolavooz.

Discover a unique identity for them when about quest. They are named geuridjis (“viewers»). The task is actually precious with the hearts of women that deal with they, as well as the announcement from a call regarding geuridjis definitely sets the harem in the a flutter. Brand sexy linda Libaneses menina new koolavooz accompanies all of them, consequently they are acquired with all prizes. The 2 parents is actually ceremoniously polite, and go out is actually passed when you look at the buying and selling compliments before damsel looks.

Then the geuridjis hie on their own possibly to a different harem

It is usually the brand new oldest child, if there are other than one, toward Turks, in keeping towards the Greeks, are sticklers to own wedding in order away from seniority. However the young lady makes a cautious toilette, and also remaining nothing undone so you can browse her finest. She kisses both hands of men and women, also offers all of them coffee, and you may waits up until this has been ate, becoming cautious to preserve a moderate and enjoyable demeanour under the scrutiny of your own geuridjis.

Upcoming she disappears, plus the geuridjis, whichever can be the private viewpoint, congratulate their unique mother on fingers of such a gem, consequently they are equally laudatory into the mode onward the advantages out of the brand new suitor. This type of official eulogiums is actually pulled for what he is well worth. It could be a breach of good manners in order to exclude all of them. However, if the younger people’s mom determines within her head the fits would be a suitable you to, she mentions by-the-way the amount of brand new nekyah, requires new girl’s ages, together with number of her chance, when the she’s got one. This is exactly a sign that see might have an end result, and extra specifics try talked about. But in one situation personalized need one to towards the departure mutual wants is going to be shown, you to definitely, if it is the will from Allah, the young anyone can come together.

When the check outs was indeed repaid the new geuridjis contrast notes and equilibrium feedback. The caretaker, who is, definitely, the principal geuridji, forms their view with that, and if she is located at home spread their particular story so you’re able to their unique spouse along with her child. If a final options is generated, preliminaries try arranged, maybe not of the group alarmed, but by the intermediaries.

Then she along with her close relatives look at the harems where here is a viable bride

The young woman was provided the possibility regarding watching their unique suitor, outside of course, maybe during the time of a drive. The guy don’t get a hold of their own disclosed, but care and attention is usually removed that he shall possess a concept out-of what this woman is including. It doesn’t seem to be usually your situation, although not. We have heard of a bridegroom, the young man of a top authoritative within Constantinople, who was simply most mortified and discover at his relationship you to his fiance try a good brunette, his taste slanting to blond.